The Business Change Practice

We offer change management and consulting services for both pre and post investment events.


Pre Investment

We run an Advisory Member Service that provides Venture Capital and Private Equity firms with subject matter expertise to supplement the due-diligence process. 


We provide a Technical Due-Diligence service that focuses on Cloud adoption, Data Centre, SaaS, IT Security, Green and Clean Technologies. 


We provide a Competency Assessment service that establishes if the team presenting the investment opportunity can execute. 




Post Investment

We manage complex programmes of IT change for international clients.


We assess business cases to establish if they are delivering to the original plan and if they aren't, provide a set of corrective action plans.


We offer a strategic sales and bid management service that assesses where you are currently, why you win, why you lose and how you can improve.


We have an academy of IT, Programme and Business Management skills that are available to augment an organisations project requirements.


We review a business process, work out where it's inefficient, propose and quantify improvements and then manage the change.




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